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Friday, 13 May 2011

Nabbed By The Daughter ;)

I went shopping today (as you do!!!) in my local bead shop and found (among lots of other pretty things which ended up in my basket) this beautiful wire heart pendant.  When my 16 year old got home from school I showed her all my new bits and bobs.  She took one look at the heart and just had to have it! I have matched it up with some silver and gun metal coloured plastic beads, some tiny metal heart beads and two larger metal heart beads for some extra detail.  Also, you can't see on this pic, the clasp at the back is a heart! 
I now have a slightly less moody teenager (for now) and I will not be doing any hoovering or general tidying up for the next week or so (well she has to pay me back, right???).  Thanks again for stopping by and leaving any comments, I do LOVE receiving them.

Trudy  x


  1. Yep, pretty nifty kiddo
    Me xxx

  2. A gorgeous necklace,I can see why your daughter wanted the heart.xxx


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