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Trudy x

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

2 after 10

First of all, what can I say but WOW!! and THANK YOU!!!

 I've had such a great response so quickly
(thanks a lot to mum {Beryl K} for pointing some of you in my direction)
I have been thrilled at the lovely comments so far.

So here are two more items for your pleasure.

I hope you like them and thanks for any comments you'd like to make :)

Trudy x


  1. These are both stunning. Congratulations on your blog - have signed up as a follower and am looking forward to seeing more designs.

    Ann xxx

  2. I love your jewellery; it's all so pretty. And thanks to your mum for introducing me to your blog I've become a follower too!

  3. Love these two, not seen the second one before.
    Mum x

  4. Hi Trudy lovely work, like the second one of these especially. Have signed up so will be back to have a look. Enjoy your blog.
    Jen x

  5. Hi all! Thanks for your nice words and for following me. It's such a thrill to turn on the computer and find more comments or a new follower,I can see this blogging lark becoming as addictive as the jewellery making :0)

    Take Care

    Trudy x


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