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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Green and Sparkly

Just nipping in quickly to post this little piece I made up tonight. 
All was going well initially then I decided to try and get clever (oh how foolish of me!) and things started to go a little pear shaped. 
It's made from some pretty light and dark green crystals and this green semi-precious stone, unfortunately it wasn't labelled (came in a lucky dip).   It's been wired onto a double strand toggle clasp.
This is not the piece I set out to make so I'm not happy with it particularly but hopefully you will like it more than me as you don't know what it was supposed to look like :o)
The next two nights are both booked up with work meetings so don't know if I'll get anything new on for a while.

Thanks for dropping in and having a look. 
 I really appreciate everyone's comments, they make my day (or rather night usually).
Take Care

Trudy xx


  1. Well Trudy I think it looks gorgeous I absolutely love the colour,really can't see a problem with it!!!!xxx

  2. Yep, I agree with Doreen. As you are no doubt aware my favourite colour does happen to be green. It's a lovely piece
    love me xxx


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