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Monday, 23 May 2011

Mother of Pearl Again

Good evening :)
I haven't made anything yet today, just about to get my bits out and have a play so I thought I would post this piece which I made over the weekend. 
It uses the very last of my Mother of Pearl pendants which have been popular so I hope you like it. 
The pendant has been teamed with some peach toned pearl effect beads and some translucent peach acrylic beads to give a lovely soft feel and I've used 10mm and 5mm split rings to form the chain links.

Thanks again for looking.
Trudy xx


  1. Another beautiful piece of jewellery Trudy, lovely colours and I am liking the Mother of Pearl Pendants.
    Christine xx

  2. Me again, this is gorgeous. Think you could be getting another sale. Gill might buy my pink set and if she does I will buy the green set. Robert going to post your envelope in the morning
    Love you
    Me xxxxxxxxx

  3. Lovely stuff Trudy! You've inspired me - my mother-in-law gave me some beading stuff for Christmas, I'll have to dig it out and have a go!

  4. Lovely soft colour, the Mother of Pearl is gorgeous. Sorry not been commenting much lately, Mr Blogger has not been letting me. He is now but only if I keep signing in. hey ho! Least I can comment again.
    Jen x


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