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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Similarly syled

Good evening, I have a second item for you today.

In response to requests for some items like this and to keep myself from getting too 'samey',  I ordered some beads and bangles which are styled after a famous brand (don't want to break any copyright rules by naming but I'm sure you'll recognise it!) 

As you can see it's a delicate, pretty piece in soft blues (turquoise???)
 I hope you like it.  I have a feeling this sort of item is going to be very popular. 
 This one sold to my friend 5 minutes after I'd made it when I sent her a pic to ask if she thought I should continue and make more. 
 The answer was a resounding YES!!!!!

Thanks for dropping by today

Trudy xx


  1. Mmmm do like this one
    Love Me xx

  2. Such pretty colours. Love silver and blue. Definitely think these will be a hit.
    Jen x


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