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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Pink Oval Drops and Turquoise Crystals

Well I made 3 new bits today so I thought I'd share 2 of them this evening.

The first piece is made from pink dyed jade ovals and swarovski pearls with a plastic purple faceted bead thrown in for contrast.  Again I've been busy making jump ring chain links.  This took a while as I knew exactly what I wanted to create but had to play around with my jump ring sizes and combinations to get it right.  I'm quite pleased with the finished effect, I hope you like it too.

My second item is a jewellery set made with chalk turquoise teardrop beads, turquoise glass rounds, silver plastic rounds and some very pretty and sparkly turquoise bicone crystals.  I love the colour of this.

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  1. Two lovely pieces, I think the top one is marginally in front in the favourite stakes. Think I signed off as Beryl on my earlier comment - sorry just so used to it heehee
    Love Me xx

  2. Two stunning makes I have to say I like the turquoise one it's my favorite colour.xxx


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