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Friday, 24 June 2011

Anyone For Tennis?

Phew, now that was an 'edge of the seat' match tonight eh?

Well the piece I'm introducing tonight has been inspired by everything Wimbledon
 (well, it's green and purple lol!)

It is made up with more of these delicious green river shell hexagons with some green swarovski pearls and purple and lilac crystals (although the lilac looks blue in this pic) 

I hope you like it.

I promise to try and visit blogland a bit more frequently again, but worklife has been a bit busy and stressful recently, things are improving though.  Thanks for coming by.

Trudy x


  1. It's a gorgeous piece, good to see you back.
    Love you
    Me xxx

  2. Oooh love the colour of this gorgeous necklace Trudy.xxx


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